How to Play the Lottery’s Pick 3 Game

How to Play the Lottery’s Pick 3 Game

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Pick 3 stands apart from other lottery games by giving its players almost complete control. Drawings take place twice daily, giving you ample opportunities to select and play numbers of your choosing and decide how you would like them played out. Prize payouts depend on which play type is selected; prize amounts range up to $5 in cash prizes depending on which form it takes; you can even add Wild Ball and/or EZ Match features that increase play costs but may increase prize returns twofold!

Players of this game can make selections either verbally to a retail employee, using paper or digital playslips, or through Quick Pick – an automated computer-generated random selection available at Lottery terminals or self-service kiosks – or through Advance Play, in which cases tickets purchased for future draw dates must be redeemed before their next draw day to avoid forfeiture.

Each Pick 3 play requires players to select three numbers between 0 and 9 from the range 0-9 and then either create a Straight, Box or both Straight / Box combination; matching all the numbers exactly in their order as drawn; or making both. An optional feature, called EZ Match (instant win feature costing an extra $1 per play), offers instant victory when any of your three Pick 3 numbers match an EZ Match number and wins its associated prize amount printed beside that particular number.

Each day there are two Pick 3 draws held: midday and evening draws. Both draws offer winning combinations that result in one or more prize categories being claimed; those holding winning tickets receive payment according to which prize was won highest amongst all prize categories available on each play board.

If a player needs to change or cancel a Pick 3 play, they must visit the retailer where their ticket was sold within 15 minutes of purchase time (this does not apply for online or mobile purchases) and request cancellation from them directly. In case of cancellations or changes of plays being presented at retail terminals.

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