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What Does Represented Internet Payment Mean?

Article Summary. In Summary form. What is Represented Internet Payment (RIP)? Represented internet payment systems (RIP) are forms of electronic commerce which employ instruments similar to credit cards, personal checks, cashier’s cheques or anonymous electronic cash. While such payment mechanisms have been employed on the internet to support purchases made online, their widespread implementation remains […]


Why SEO Is So Important

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies available today. SEO’s effectiveness lies in its proven ability to increase website traffic, brand recognition and sales or leads – as well as its cost-effective implementation that yields significant return on investment (ROI). SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an intricate practice requiring […]


What Herbal Tea is Good For High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure (hypertension), or elevated systolic and/or diastolic readings above 130mm Hg or 80mm Hg can be life-threatening, leading to cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney disease or even death. Because of this risk factor, many are searching for natural ways to manage and support healthy heart function in managing their hypertension condition. Herbal teas have […]

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