How to Play Lotto Housie Game

How to Play Lotto Housie Game

The Lotto Housie game is an entertaining family-friendly board number game which resembles Bingo. A caller announces random numbers which players mark off on their tickets/cards corresponding to these announcements; those marking all numbers consecutively win a prize; this popular Indian version can even be found being played at events and parties for added entertainment! A caller announces them, then players mark them off when all corresponding numbers match up (in full house or full row mode)! Lotto Housie can make any event more fun – making for fun atmosphere!

Societys and coordinators may refuse to sell housie cards to any person they believe to be intoxicated, violent, quarrelsome, insulting or disorderly. Furthermore, these entities must ensure that full serial number and colour details of all series used during any game is announced publicly prior to its start date.

These rules provide guidelines for societies and, in limited instances, individuals conducting housie games. Under the Gambling Act they do not need a licence unless prize value and turnover surpass certain limits.

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