Plantronics BackBeat 100 Review – Reliable Wireless Choice

Plantronics BackBeat 100 Review – Reliable Wireless Choice

What We like

  • Lightweight and solid build quality.
  • Reliable performance across the board.
  • Great battery life even during heavy use.

We don’t like

  • Sound quality seems to be a bit flat for our liking.
Phone Controls:Yes

Plantronics BackBeat 100 has proven to be one of the most reliable choices when it comes to earbuds under $100. Not only are they wireless, but they actually work pretty well. Let’s take a closer look.


What Plantronics did with its BackBeat 100 series is to create a design that is fairly simple but functional. There are essentially two main components of this model. We have the earbuds themselves and then we have the neckband. Earbuds are pretty small and light. Plantronics obviously left the entire job of keeping the earbuds securely in the user’s ear to the rubber tips they use.

The neckband is a bit more interesting. It is rigid and rather thick. This is the component that actually has some weight to it. Once you put it on, you will notice that its shape perfectly follows the contour of your neck and collar bones. Plantronics has chosen to place the controls on the inside of the neckband, which is interesting for two reasons. First and foremost, it prevents you from accidentally pressing a button while positioning the neckband. More importantly, it protects the buttons.

Plantronics BackBeat 100

Plantronics BackBeat 100


What truly defines Plantronics BackBeat 100 are its features. Plantronics has used a pair of fairly capable drivers for these earbuds. They are small but definitely capable. Each earbud sports a lightweight and compact speaker housing, making it much more comfortable than similar designs on the market. Plantronics BackBeat 100 comes with a built-in microphone, thus allowing you to answer calls on the go.

Battery life is limited to some 8 hours of constant use, whether it is calls or music. With moderate use, you can extend that battery life to several days easily. One cool thing about the microphone they have used is its noise reduction ability. On paper, it should provide for crystal clear communication.

Additionally, the neckband is fitted with tiny vibration motors that are there to notify you of an incoming call. This is not a game-changing feature, but it is pretty neat nonetheless.


In terms of performance, Plantronics BackBeat 100 is pretty solid in all regards. The quality of sound is great. You won’t get that audiophile level of performance, but it is much more enjoyable than some of its direct competitors. In general, there doesn’t seem to be any bias in the frequency response. That is true to a point where you could say that they are a bit flat.

The microphone works as advertised, although it really depends on the environment you are in. What is really impressive about Plantronics BackBeat 100 is their ability to stay in your ears even if you go for a run. As we have mentioned before, the rubber pieces on these fit snugly inside your ear.

Since there is no real weight to either of the earbuds, those rubber pieces act as sort of an anchor. Lastly, reaching controls and working them is intuitive after the first couple of minutes of use.

Our Final Verdict

Plantronics BackBeat 100 earbuds are among the best designed wireless solutions you can find in their price range. You get a solid set of drivers attached to a sensible design. BackBeat 100 series is perfect for runners or anyone who needs their earbuds to stay securely in their ear during demanding physical activity.

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