Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers For Home Use – Wireless Audio Worthy Of Your Home

Most Bluetooth speakers are inherently designed to be portable. This is more or less the whole point of a Bluetooth speaker. However, some users like the wireless part of the story, but want to have a speaker to use exclusively at home. If you’re looking for something that fits this description, you are in the right place. We have selected a number of Bluetooth speakers which work great for home use. Some of them are among the best Bluetooth speakers in general, while some are more cost effective by nature. Let’s get started and see what we’ve prepared for you.

3 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Home Use

Marshall Stanmore

Marshall Stanmore offers a different take on Bluetooth speakers in general. It’s not portable, but it packs enough heat to make up for that. On top of its admirable performance, Stanmore brings you that classic Marshall styling which is in a category of its own. Overall, this is an absolute beast to have in your living room.

Audio Pro Addon T3

Audio Pro’s Addon T3 is a different kind of Bluetooth speaker, but in a good way. It feels very retro but also packs enough heat to back up its aesthetics. On top of that, it brings what is arguably among the best battery life periods in its segment. Overall, Addon T3 is well worth your investment.

Sony XB40

Sony XB40 is one of the best balanced Bluetooth speakers on the market. They have pretty much optimized it to a point where limited hardware goes above and beyond. Tangible bass response is a definitive highlight of this model, but it offers so much more than that. Sony XB40 is a great choice for home use.

What Makes A Good Bluetooth Speaker For Home Use?

The deal with Bluetooth speakers is that you will rarely find one that is specifically design for one purpose or another. Most of them were built to be portable and offer wireless music streaming from smart devices. However, some models are better are inherently optimized for home use. The criteria they have to meet is not that strict. You want your home Bluetooth speaker to have a decent amount of power, a good set of transducers and overall good performance. Battery life doesn’t really matter since it won’t be too far away from a wall socket anyway.

Models we have shown you above represent a cross section of what a good Bluetooth speaker for home use might look like. Some of them belong to the $200 price range, while others are generally cheaper. Going with super affordable models, like those found in the $50 price range, probably won’t get you the best results. These speakers are generally underpowered to say the least. If we take our number one pick as an example, we see a great selection of transducers as well as a whole lot of power. With that said, Marshall Stanmore goes against everything Bluetooth speakers are about. It is large, but that doesn’t really impede its mobility since it has no battery in the first place. That makes it a perfect Bluetooth speaker for home use.

Another question that you should ask yourself is whether or not you want to use your Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom? If your answer to this question is yes, you will definitely want to get something that is water resistant at least to a certain point. The main issue here is that water resistant speakers are often designed for outdoor use, which means they will have limited power as well as limited performance. One of the few models we found to be worthy of home use is the Sony XB40. Its tone is just great considering that its coming from a tiny speaker. Overall, knowing what kind of space the speaker will need to saturate and what kind of use you have in mind, should help you a lot towards refining your choices.


Finding a Bluetooth speaker strictly for home use requires a certain amount of compromise. Rarely will you find a model that was built for this purpose alone, however speakers like that do exist. Our selection represents what we think are the best choices at the moment. We’ve balanced out price, performance and other factors in order to reduce the selection to several good choices. Each one of these should give you more than decent sound at home, especially if you plan on using them in a medium sized room. With that said, we hope that you’ve found this guide helpful.

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