3 Best Subwoofers Under $300 – Stepping up the Game

There is a significant jump going to monitors in the $300 price range. Heading out of the inexpensive range, these subwoofers feature a much more extreme caliber of specification, making thems feel more premium overall.

Features, like phase reversal, tunable crossover, and auto signal sensing are all present and expected at this price point. However, features in the construction of both the cabinet and woofer take these subwoofers to a whole new level.

Top 3 Subwoofers Under $300

Polk Audio PSW125

The Polk Audio PSW125 is a massive sounding subwoofer in a beautiful enclosure. The expertly designed and measured woofer delivers a thunderous low-end that can easily shake the house with little effort. The enclosure where this sits is beautiful in a grey or wooden finish, setting this subwoofer in an area that breathes quality and beautiful simultaneously. 

Whilst the listening experience is extremely competitive for this price range and manages to perform well across the board, we are a little disappointed by the feature list (or, more accurately, the lack of a feature list) which accompanies the PSW125. At this mid-tier price point, we would like to see more customization options in particular, and this is lacking from the device. 

BIC America H-100II

The BIC America H-100II is a beautifully designed and comes at a midrange price-point. While not as tight as some other options on the market, the low-end is still monstrous, easily shaking the floor. The cone of the woofer on the front is absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful wood-grain side panels finishing out the box. 

This is an extremely good looking device overall, and it’s hard to get a sense of just how nice it looks until you see it in person. We would have liked to see some EQ options at this price point, but the fact that they aren’t there is not the end of the world given the attention to detail elsewhere in the product. The rear port also means some consideration must be given to placement.

Klipsch Sub-12HG

The Klipsch Sub-12HG holds up to the name of Klipsch in it’s exceptional performance. The incredibly high powered BASH amplifier grants a ton of headroom so the bass in clear and concise at any level. While the design is a bit dated, this subwoofer is exceptional auditorily for the price. 

Klipsch seems to have modelled the Sub-12HG after some kind of alien craft, and it is certainly an odd look that asks more questions than it answers. It’s not that it is bad looking, just that it stands out as slightly peculiar. All of that disappears when you hear it, however, as the sheer power that this device is capable of outputting will blow you away. A very strong option. 


$300 is the price point where a lot more can, and should be expected out of a subwoofer. AS opposed to options under $100 and under $200, these are not just about value, they are about performance.

For the money, these models add a lot in terms of build quality and design, while not necessarily beefing up the feature set of more inexpensive options. Still, the premium in cost is well justified, leading to a product that is far better constructed, far better designed, and will sound better for longer overall.


Features are not always skin deep, and while these subwoofers don’t hold much more externally to more inexpensive options, they do a lot to beef up the features internally. The best subwoofers hold a lot of features both in the design of the cabinet internally and in the design of the speaker. At this price point, you really start to see this come to fruition.

The interior of the cabinets and the design of the woofers here are the focal point, taking their “feature set” internal. Of course, external features are still lacking, but it is easily forgiven when the internal design is taken into context.

Of course, phase reversal, auto signal sensing, and tunable crossover are still present on all listed picks. So, while not ‘feature-rich’, they certainly aren’t barren in terms of external features, either.


Again, $300 marks a shift from inexpensive options in terms of design. These subwoofers branch out in their aesthetic, branding the company’s the produce the product more, and giving a more unique appearance. Since looks are so important when choosing a subwoofer, a lot of choice will come down to your personal tastes at this price bracket.

However, some trends still do occur. All of the models are constructed of medium to high density MDF with either a black or faux wood finish. Real wood and more exotic finishes are reserved for more expensive options.


This price bracket is really a turning point. Sub-$300 options are the first that truly give a premium experience without being too crazy expensive. The high quality build, attention to detail in design, and excellent sound quality combine together to make them feel like more than a toy.

Of course, there are issues like lack of real wood and missing features, but that really is too be expected considering how well these subwoofers perform otherwise.

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