3 Best Subwoofers Under $100 – Getting a Great Bang for Your Buck

Subwoofers are a very difficult piece of equipment to master, especially when trying to master it cheaply. Low frequencies are very difficult to reproduce, but they can add a lot to an overall listening experience. However, spending a lot of money isn’t the best option, so we ventured out to find the best Subwoofers under $100.

We looked for models that are competent enough in the low-end without being over-inflated. Adequate power delivery was a must as well, ensuring the speakers don’t distort under the low-end pressure.

Top 3 Subwoofers Under $100

Theater Solutions SUB8SM Slim Subwoofer

Theater Solutions SUB8SM Slim Subwoofer

Theater Solutions SUB8SM Slim Subwoofer


This subwoofer is one of the best values you can get under $300. The rigid build quality, high headroom 300W amplifier, and Dynamic Balance driver make this an amazing sounding subwoofer at an excellent price. The wooden finish makes it a great pick for everyone who enjoys a solid aesthetic. 

​The sound quality was pretty good and very balanced in the environments in which we tested it, but we did notice that it varied a fair amount depending on the location. To this end, it would have been nice to have had some included EQ controls with which to make minor adjustments that would mean the FS6 could shine regardless of placement. Not the end of the world, but worth keeping in mind.

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

The Monoprice 8-inch subwoofer is a dirt-cheap option with plenty of low-end to satisfy most casual listeners. Tunable crossover and auto signal sensing make this subwoofer feel more premium than the price suggests. The 8-inch driver and front-ported design combine to create an experience that, while isn’t exceptional, is certainly very good considering the price. 

​The cut-off of this speaker is 50 Hz, which isn’t dreadful but isn’t especially good either. That said, given its price, this is a thoroughly forgivable issue that you aren’t likely to have too many problems with unless you plan to regularly push this Monoprice model to its limits at every given opportunity! All things considered, this is a very solid choice for the price. 

Acoustic Audio PSW250-6 Home Theater Powered 6.5 LFE Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio PSW250-6 Home Theater Powered 6.5 LFE Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio PSW250-6 Home Theater Powered 6.5 LFE Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio specialty Series powered subs immerse you in the action of your fast-paced movies and sports. Add impact to your favorite movies and full-bodied bass to your favorite tunes. Its stylish design and superior sound make it a smart addition to any home theater. Its elegant wood finish is refined and complements most flat-panel displays. It features a high-current, 250-Watt amp which effortlessly drives its front-firing 6. 5″ Woofer for dynamic low-frequency effects. The LFE, RCA, and high and low inputs let you use any receiver or processor. The 6. 5″ Woofer utilizes a long excursion cone for deep, accurate response. The MDF bass-reflex enclosure features internal bracing, and a 30Hz to 250Hz frequency response delivers thumping bass from all your action movies and CD albums.



The first consideration with this price point is, well, the price. When only spending $100 on a subwoofer, it’s clear that a fixed budget is probably in place. Jumping up to $200 or $300 or $500 will yield a significantly better result, but that isn’t always in the cards. Because of that, we made sure to hunt down bargains that offered excellent value for the money.

The price may suggest that these subwoofers won’t perform well, but $100 proves to be about as cheap as you can go before the value starts to wear off.


However, there are some issues. The best subwoofers are ripe with features, including things like subharmonic enhancement, more filter options, and sometimes remote functionality. Those won’t be found on subwoofers under $100, though.

Unfortunately, this price point doesn’t warrant much in the way of features. Auto signal sensing and the tunable crossover is present on each option, but that really should be expected. Other than that, these just give you the sound they come with.

$100 won’t offer much in the way of features, but our options provide just where it counts. Performance is king, and the models that you can find here are no exception.



When looking for a subwoofer, ascetics play a huge role. More often than not, an audio set-up is meant for a living or entertainment room, elevating each speaker to the same level as the furniture in terms of design. Because of this, each of are options are understated in the best of ways, ensuring they can fit seamlessly into almost an existing set-up.

Neutral colors were essential, trying to shy away from a potential clash in the room. While it may not seem important at first, a small box sitting on your floor that clashes with everything in the room can quickly become an annoyance, which is certainly not the goal.


Subwoofers thrive on a larger budget. Making a competent speaker that can compete in the low-end without sounding flubby or distorted is certainly a feat. That feat is even more exemplified with a price of under $100.

Each of these options proves to provide a solid low-end experience, all for a low price. While a lack of features is disappointing, these propositions give it where it counts – in performance.


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