3 Best Levitating Bluetooth Speakers – Merging Physics And Sound

There are many Bluetooth speakers out there these days. From waterproof ones, to those which were designed specifically for home use. Even so, the greatest majority of them are meant to be portable. The only issue here is that most Bluetooth speakers are pretty monotonous. Even the best ones on the market are just simple speakers. What happens if you want something more, something more exciting? The answer to this question is simple, just get a levitating Bluetooth speaker. Today we are going to introduce you to this niche segment, and show you some of the best models out there.

Top 3 Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers

Seventh Sense Arc Star

Star Wars fans, as well as those who love interesting tech, will find Seventh Sense Arc Star to be more than interesting. This levitating speaker looks exactly like a Death Star, but instead delivering a planet-killer death ray, it offers solid audio. If you are looking for a solid levitating speaker with a bit of an edge, this is it.

ReVolt Levio

ReVolt Levio is another successful levitating Bluetooth speaker solution. Unlike many other speakers of this type, Levio comes with a very attractive color scheme as well as features. It sports a good battery life for both the base and the orb, while the performance is also there. Easy to use, this speaker will fit any room.

Music Angel JH-FD19

Music Angel JH-FD19 is one of the first and best performing levitating speakers. They have managed to combine great visuals, effective levitation and good sound quality in a reasonably priced package. In short, Music Angel JH-FD19 proves that levitating speakers are much more than a gimmick you won’t want to use for long.

How Does A Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Work?

If you were to show a levitating Bluetooth speaker to someone just half a century ago, it would probably look like space magic to them. Luckily for us, these days wecompletely understand the essence of magnetic levitation. That is what most of these speakers use. In simple words, there are two very strong magnets in both the base and the floating portion of the setup. In order to get the speaker to levitate above the base, you need to find its magnetic balance. Often times, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some speakers come with plastic templates which will perfectly align the speaker on the base, but sometimes you don’t get any help at all. Either way, the concept behind levitating speakers is pretty simple physics that has been known to us for a long time.

Why Get A Floating Bluetooth Speaker?

One of the most frequently asked questions is why even bother with levitating speakers? After all, there are much better speakers out there in terms of performance. Here’s the deal. Some people put an accent on sound quality while everything else is secondary at best. With that said, there are plenty of people who would like their speakers to have an aesthetic quality as well. The levitating speakers basically offer both in a simple yet effective package. You get a solid enough performance where listening to music is definitely enjoyable but you also get a cool conversation piece to have on your desk. On that note, most of the orbs in current levitating speakers can serve as standalone portable speakers. This makes them perfect for outdoor use. Once you get back home, all you have to do is set the speaker orb back on the base and you are set.


Levitating speakers are much more than just means to listen to your music. They can often be the centerpiece of a room. Many people like to knock on these simply because they add something exotic into the mix. However, getting a levitating Bluetooth speaker can really turn a room from bland to one where you’ll want to spend time. Models we’ve shown you are by far some of the best on the market. Unfortunately, there are many bad solutions out there due to the increased complexity of these speakers. That’s why investing a bit more is always a good decision.

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