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How Much Does Health Care Cost?

Health care costs have become a hotly contested topic both here and globally. They have contributed substantially to America’s unaffordable national debt, impeding our ability to respond swiftly during public health emergencies like COVID-19 pandemic, driving ever-increasing premiums for employer sponsored health insurance policies and making life harder for many Americans who rely on these […]


How Much Does a Health Care Administrator Make?

Healthcare administrators typically enjoy an impressive earning potential that surpasses that of other managers nationwide. Their salaries can reach over $208,000 depending on specialty and facility type. Healthcare administration careers progress based on education and experience levels. An entry-level role with a community college degree could lead to a higher-paying management role upon receiving either […]

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What is UnitedHealthcare?

UnitedHealth Group was originally established by physicians and other healthcare professionals under the name Charter Med Corporation in 1974. Since 1984, UnitedHealthcare has become a publicly traded company, becoming the leading US insurer with nearly 157 million Americans covered. UnitedHealthcare offers products and services such as personal support, helpful digital tools and access to large […]

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Can a Health Care Proxy Override the Patient’s Decision?

Under New York law, healthcare proxies are individuals whom you appoint as decision makers if you become incapacitated and cannot make decisions for themselves. They have authority to speak to doctors about treatment decisions as well as review any medical records deemed relevant by you. Your health care agent can also be authorized to make […]

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